Conditions Overview

What are conditions?

In DrugBank, conditions are often specific medical states, including diseases, symptoms, and other health-related characteristics or problems. Conditions may also be used to describe other clinical human phenomena, such as procedures, therapies, and the presence or absence of certain genes.

Information regarding conditions is taken from a variety of reputable sources, including academic journals, product labels, and clinical trials. In addition, conditions include synonyms that aid in searches - for example, “gout flares” and “acute gout” refer to the same condition. Searching either term within DrugBank's conditions will return the same: Gout Flares (DBCOND0059958).

When possible, conditions in DrugBank are also cross-mapped to MedDRA, SNOMED CT, or ICD-10. This allows customers to easily integrate DrugBank's data while leveraging existing standardized terms and identifiers that may already be in use. DrugBank conditions and these external terms are matched when the condition name or synonym is the same. To address potential inconsistencies and ensure accurate matching, DrugBank also manually reviews the mapping through our expert curation team as necessary.

Depending on jurisdiction, these external identifiers require additional licenses in order to use them within DrugBank. For additional information on acquiring a license, see the documentation available from the corresponding organizations (Meddra, SNOMED, ICD-10).