Product Concept Structure & Examples

Structure Overview

Every product concept is made up of the same basic pieces. A product concept has many properties which will always be present, as well as some properties which may be null. Although many of the properties of a product concept are related directly to the products it represents, there are a few metadata fields which are more only indirectly related to products. Below is an example product concept, Tamoxifen citrate 10mg Oral Tablet. It has the unique identifier DBPC0104266.

  "name": "Tamoxifen citrate 10 mg Oral Tablet",
  "display_name": null,
  "drugbank_pcid": "DBPC0104226",
  "level": 5,
"brand": null, "route": "Oral", "form": "Tablet",
"strengths": "10 mg",
"ingredients": [ { "name": "Tamoxifen as Tamoxifen citrate", "drug": { "name": "Tamoxifen", "drugbank_id": "DB00675" }, "exact_ingredient": { "name": "Tamoxifen citrate", "drugbank_id": "DBSALT000168" }, "strength": { "amount": "10.0", "per": "1.0", "units": "mg" } } ],
"standing": "active", "standing_updated_at": "2018-09-12", "standing_active_since": "1989-12-31", "regions": { "us": true, "canada": false, "eu": false }, "rxnorm_concepts": [], }
This product concept matches all products with route "Oral" and form "Tablet" which contain 10mg of Tamoxifen as Tamoxifen Citrate.

Product Derived Fields

The fields in the table below are derived from directly from the products the product concept represents. When a field is present, the product concept will match only products with the same value in the corresponding product field.

FieldCan be blank?DescriptionExample
BrandyesThe brand of the product conceptAdvil
RouteyesThe route of the productOral
FormyesThe form of the productTablet
Strength(s)yesThe strength of each ingredient.10 mg
Ingredient(s)noThe Drug form of the ingredients in the product concept.DB00675 Tamoxifen
Exact Ingredient(s)yesThe exact form in which each ingredient is found in the product concept.DBSALT00168 Tamoxifen citrate

Other fields

In addition to the fields listed in the table above, product concepts include additional information which is less directly related to products.

FieldCan be blank?DescriptionExample
TitlenoA description of the (exact) ingredients, brand, route, form and strength that make up the product concept.Tamoxifen citrate 10 mg Oral Tablet
Display NameyesFor branded product concepts, an alternative to the title which replaces ingredient names with the brand name.Advil 5mg
DrugBank PCIDnoA unique, stable identifier for this product concept.DBPC0104266
LevelnoA number from 1 to 5 which indicates the number of product-derived properties which are set on the product concept.5
StandingnoOne of "active", "inactive", or "archived". See the section below on
Standing updated atnoThe last date on which the standing changed.2018-09-12
Standing active sincenoThe first date that any product matched by this product concept was available for marketing in its jurisdiction.2018-09-12
RegionsnoFor each region, true if there is a product in that region which is matched by this product concept.
RxNorm ConceptsyesSome concepts correspond to RxNorm concepts. For these, the RxNorm Concept name and unique identifiers are available.


Under certain rare circumstances, a product concept which was linked to one or more products may no longer be linked to any. This could occur if a change is made in a drug product label (correcting an error, for example) or a formerly-linked product is removed from DrugBank (such as a homeopathic product which was mislabeled as non-homeopathic).

When all products are removed from a product concept, the product concept's standing is set to "inactive". After sufficient time has passed without the product concept being reconnected to any products, it will be marked as "archived".

Finally, if a product concept corresponds to an RxNorm Concept, it will not be marked as "inactive", even if it has no products. A product concept will remain active as long as it has products or matched RxNorm concepts.